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Medical Gas Certifications 
ASSE6005 ASSE6010 ASSE6020 ASSE6040
Vacuum Pump Repair & Rebuild
Pantera Technical Services Corp.
6010 Installer , 6020 Inspector , 6040 Maintenance Certification Courses.
Vacuum Pump Repair & Rebuild
Pantera Technical Services Corp 
ASSE6040 ASSE6010 ASSE6020
Repair and Maintenance of Air Compressors, Vacuum pumps and ancillary equipment.
Vacuum Pump Repair & Rebuild
Pantera Technical Services Corp 
ASSE6040 ASSE6010 ASSE6020
Atlas Copco Vacuum
Medical Vacuum Systems & Air Compressor Systems.

Supplier of Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Service Center.

Inspection and Certification Services for Healthcare and Laboratory Installations 

Among our many capabilities, we are Supplier of New, Medical Gas Source Equipment for Healthcare Industry and Laboratories.

We do Repair and Upgrades to Existing Source Equipment, Annual Inspections and Verification of New installations.

System Evaluation and Capital Project Development to Customer Specifications

Service and Repair program development and Employee Maintenance Certification

Vacuum Pump Repair & Rebuild

Other Industries we serve

CNC Routers for Wood and Plastic- We Supply Vacuum Pumps for Hold Down

CNC Router applications need vacuum to work on doors and windows, Carbon fiber hold down for Airplane components, Plastics for signs and many other material hold down applications. The material being handled will determine the flow and pressure required on your machine. System design and pipe sizing services are done per customers requests to their specific locations and product requirements.

Graphics Arts and Printing- We Supply Vacuum Pumps and Air Compressors

Point of use vacuum pumps and low pressure blowers are required for many printing presses, paper folding machines, paper cutters, die cutting, saddle stitching and perfect binding. We can refurbish pumps and blowers on Heidelberg presses and MBO folders.

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We work with Many Different Pump Manufacturers

We have over 25 years of experience working with many different pump manufacturers.

Featured manufacturers are Busch Vacuum Pumps, Becker Vacuum Pumps and Dekker Vacuum Technologies.

If you have a package from EMSE, Beacon Medaes, Atlas Copco, Powerex, or any similar brand,

Chances are you have a pump that we can help you with your Vacuum Pump Repair & Rebuild, replace or upgrade.

We are certified in NFPA99 Healthcare Facilities code and the ASSE6000 Professional Qualification Standard for Personnel.

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In addition to having many Factory certifications, we also have personnel certified per ASSE 6005 Medical gas Specialist, ASSE6010 Medical Gas Installer, ASSE6020 Medical Gas Inspector, ASSE6030 Medical Gas Verifier, ASSE6040 Medical Gas Repair and Maintenance, ASSE6050 Medical Gas Instructor-

Registered Instructor in the State of Florida, USA.- Certifications are valid worldwide.

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