20Hp ea. Hexaplex Medical Air system

Hexaplex 20HP- Medical Grade                Air Compressors

This Pattons Medical Air Compressor project was designed to replace a very old system. We will publish more photos of the final Installation soon.

Stay Tuned!

Control Panel Upgrade

Medical Vacuum update and expansion

We started with a  triplex system that was in very bad shape. The Oil sealed rotary  vane pumps were leaking oil. One of the original pumps had been replaced and the new one was not faring any better than the old ones. Prompting the addition of a separate , single unit.

The first step was to repair the old pumps and to install a new pump to replace the top pump that burned up ans was beyond repair.

We recognized that the old panel was NOT alternating the pumps properly and excess pump cycling was happening.

We eventually replaced the old triplex control panel with a brand new, State-of-the-art control panel manufactured by Pattons Medical.

In the slide show you will find many pictures of the actual project. We are very proud of this installation.