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Our Approach

We had a vision of providing top of the line technical services and guidance to our varied assortment of end users, without being chained to a specific brand that would insist on selling their products, even when they didn’t quite fit the bill of being an appropriate solution to our customers needs.

Tatiana started being the support team that Angel needed, whenever he had to find alternatives to his customers. That made her realize that there is a niche of customers that would NOT compromise top of the line service in the name of a cheaper product.

Move forward 16 years later, now you have in front of you an agile company that would scour endless suppliers, looking for the right answer for an issue. We Provide SOLUTIONS, Aggressive solutions….. hence the Origin of PANTERA as our mantra, the gears in our logo represent the machinery, and the inside of the logo is filled with the Ying and the Yang- We always look for whatever lies beyond, away, underneath, hidden and is the extra effort that separates us apart from the others that claim being here first, but punch out at 4:30 and don’t call back until 10AM on Monday

That fierceness pushes us forward.

Give us a try. We will be honest and fierce on your behalf.

Tatiana & Angel

Meet the Team

We love to take care of our customers directly and individually. In this era of automation, we believe there is nothing better than to meet in person to discuss your plans, expectations and future possibilities.

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Tatiana Fernandez

Founder & CEO

16 years experience

English and Spanish Language

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Angel Diaz

Angel Diaz

Instructor / Design / Sales and Repair

30 Years Experience in Vacuum Design, Air Compressors and Pharmaceutical Industry.

English and Spanish Language

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