New Control Panel being wired

NFPA99 Control Panel Upgrade

Having an older system does NOT mean you have to replace everything and start from scratch. Whenever possible, we can update your existing system. This can result in an average of 30 to 40% discount over a whole new system.

Repair and Maintenance of Air Compressors, Vacuum pumps and ancillary equipment.

Pump Repair

As we are ASSE6040 certified for repair and maintenance, we also work on Outlets and inlets for Compressed Air, Medical air, Medical Vacuum, Oil changes and unit rebuild and repair.  We Support many brands of equipment.

We also have ASSE6010 Certified installers in case you need your equipment relocated.

Instruction and seminars for Maintenance personnel, Installers, Architects and Specifiers, Inspectors, and Designers

Certified Instructor ASSE6050

We can develop a custom made maintenance plan specific your equipment, then train your personnel accordingly, so your equipment work at peak performance.

Dental Design Capabilities. Pipe sizing calculations for accurate flow and pressure delivery

System Design, Pipe sizing

Development of design guides for Engineers, General and Plumbing contractors with the final system Verification also available. Our current designs will be to the latest standards , as required by the Fire Marshall and the NFPA99, the NFPA55 and the CGAM-1 and the ASSE-6000

Medical Gas Outlets/Inlets Repair Services

We are experienced in the inlet/outlet repair in Patient rooms, Operating Rooms and Emergency Rooms.

Inlet/Outlet Repair Capabilities